Who we Are

Motivation. Inspiration. Determination.

Established in September of 2010, the Fort McMurray Roller Derby League (FMRDL) is a non-profit organization and 100% operated by volunteer members.

The league consists of the Tar Sand Betties, a competitive women’s travel team, the Crude Assassins, a mixed gender adult team, and the Athabashers, a mixed gender junior team. 

FMRDL welcomes all genders ages 7+, various shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Zero skills required! Safety is our first priority so we take a staged approach to the training process on how to skate. This allows individuals to learn at their own pace including the necessary skills and protective gear to help reduce injuries. A non-skating option as an official is also available.

The FMRDL actively participates in volunteering activities and involvement in the community. The team creates a family environment where encouragement, support and care for one another provides a safe, strong, and fun sport. 

Interested in joining as a skater, referee, or non-skating official? Junior programs (ages 7-17) run three times a year: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jul, Sept-Dec. Ages 16-17 can join the adult program with parental consent. Adult new skater programs (ages 18+) run twice a year: Jan-Apr, Sept-Dec, or can also join at any time. Volunteers for home games are always needed.


Membership Options 



 Our mission

To provide a safe and fun environment for people to play competitive and recreational roller derby.

Our Vision

To create an alternative sport to Fort McMurray’s community that promises to be fun to play and entertaining to watch for fans of any age.

Our Goals

 Grow and diversify our league.

Be a financially stable non-profit organization.

Create fun and exciting events for everyone in the community to enjoy.

Have competitive and non-competitive teams that include: Women’s, Men’s, Mixed Gender, and Junior’s

Our Values


Skater safety is our first priority. We teach all new members how to skate and how to play roller derby through a “New Skater” training program. Once skaters advance, we continue to teach skills and provide training drills to help reduce injuries.

Fun Environment

We play a sport because it’s enjoyable! We believe it’s important for all of our member to have fun and support each other to keep our activities welcoming and social for everyone.


We are proud members of the Fort McMurray community. We look to help promote community by volunteering at different community based events.


Being a competitive and recreational league, we encourage our members to continue improving their skills both on and off the track.